Positively Positive

Published on 3 June 2023 at 12:37

Those 2 famous Blue Lines

After coming home from seeing if my ex really changed after time being apart, I realized he did not. He was still the same alcoholic that was sweet until he had too many drinks. This time when I came home, I knew in my heart I could never go back. Having a couple of leave days left it was time to truly enjoy my vacation. That night I got home, and I took a shower and fell asleep feeling sound and safe. The next day was an all-day bed day. Playing Toontown, a nostalgic game and re watching Jersey shore. That night as I warmed the water for my shower, I realized I had a pregnancy test left in my box in the back of my bathroom under sink. Just for giggles I took it. After soaking in the hot water, I hopped out and dried off. Looking over to see the test sitting on my sink I gave it a look before I tossed it. PREGNANT. PREGNANT. I am pregnant. I called my 2 best friends at the time, and they rushed over. One congratulating me the other asking what's next. We all hopped in the car and went to Walmart to pick up more tests. I took 7 tests that night all but one confirmed that I was pregnant. I think the one that showed up not pregnant was because I didn't have enough of the Hcg chemical in my body. I didn't even miss my period yet.

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