Welcome to Let It Be Honeybee!

A little about myself: 

I am finally at the age of 24 years old starting my finding myself journey. At the age of 17 years old I first thought I was starting it when I left my family for a much old man chasing love. Then at 19 years old I believed I was on that journey when I joined the service. Until I got distracted by a blonde hair blue eyed man who let his hands swing on me one too many times. Leaving me at my 4 years in the service up, pregnant, and alone.

(If I still have you here it gets better hold on.)

Coming from a big family I spent a lot of years running from them. Now I had no choice but to go home. 6months pregnant and no income. I had many job interviews where when it came for the time to be honest, I was about to have a child (many could not tell from my petite figure), I wouldn't get a 3rd call back. My mother then offered me a job at the family business. With 3 months until little man was here, I had no true reason to object. Little did I know I would love working with my family. Then came the time my son entered the world. I was so nervous and had no idea what I was doing, but once I held little man, I knew I would do whatever to keep him healthy and happy. 

I have 2 sisters close by that both have children then I started to learn the true meaning of it takes a village. With me being the youngest and last girl to have a child, I didn't understand the shift you have mentally as a mother. The way you heart and mind changed. The people I ran from my whole life, the sister I told " you chose to have her why are you complaining" was by my side without vengeance. Now I am raising my amazing son while working full time, with him accompanying me to work. I have fallen in love with being a mother. My son is one years old, and I feel ready to give myself a little time and attention. I have picked up hobbies I never thought of trying. The only one I did have was Sims 2 and Sims 4. I am now dabbling in gardening, crocheting, podcasts, cooking, and so much reading. So, accompany me through this new chapter of finding me. Feel free to pick up whatever new hobby of the week I have or pick up the book I am reading. Come and grow with me, and please feel free to grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee for the ride.