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These reviews will Have SPOILERS. My taste in books may not be the same as yours and that is okay. I enjoy more of the dark books. I love the happy ends but also can enjoy and appreciate the not so happy. Have different opinions lets chat about it. Possible Book of the month Book club coming up, with a platform for us to share on.

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Book I am Currently Reading:

Don't let me Fall 

Kelsie Rae

*Warning adult content*

It Ends With Us---- Spoilers Ahead

With all the hype how could I not put this book first in my reviews?!?!

I heard the hype and picked it up in March of 2023 completely blind. I absolutely loved it. I know I know not the most popular opinion, but the way Collen hoover wrote about the abuse from the man she loved and how it felt like it came from nowhere. The fact she loved him so much she questioned it all. Absolutely beautiful. The sick way the abuse could be seen in a romantic light when you are in it, but not able to see the true horror until you are out. Then the way she left Wow Amazing read 5/5 for Me.

TW: Physical abuses

It Starts With Us--- Spoilers Ahead

Books two. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the fact Lily was able to be with the man that treated her right. Throughput this read I found it to be a little slow and boring. I definitely enjoyed that Colleen kept the same energy of making Lily a strong woman and now a strong mother. The read overall for me 3/5 not terrible but a little slow.

The Cellar--- No Spoilers

This book is about a young girl getting kidnapped and down in a cellar with a few other women. All the girls are around the same size and are all renamed after flowers. The way the background of everyone is touched on is so great. For a moment I even felt bad for the kidnapper, that quickly changed back though. This book is my all-time favorite. I first read it in high school. I probably re-read this book every year if not listen to it on tape. An easy 5/5 for me

Milk and Honey--- Possible spoilers

Never have I ever thought in my life I would love poetry, but my goodness. I picked this book up after a back and further relationship and my goodness. The tears the laughs and heart throbe. I have never read a book that i was able to emotionally identify like this one. love love love love. 6/5

TW: sexual assault and abuse mentioned 

Uglies Series-- No Spoilers

I chose the book uglies as a random audio book for a 4-hour car drive. I enjoyed it so much I wasn't ready to get to my destination. I finished this audio in 2 days easy. From then I binged the whole series. It has some si-fi but not enough you can get lost. I enjoyed hearing tally want to be "Perfect" so badly to going under cover. The whole book had me hooked. The last book (The Extras) I could not finish. I May travel back around one day, but it was far too different from the first 3 I had a hard time connecting it to the series.

Uglies 4/5           Pretties 4/5                Specials 5/5              Extras 1/5 Did not finish 

Ugly Love-- No spoliers

Ahh where do I begin! I love this book so much. I love the beginning. I love the middle. I cried at the end. A straight heart tugger. Definitely worth the read if you enjoy 1 person in love and the other not. 5/5

TW: Worst fear for a parent read