Attack On Sleep Training

Published on 27 May 2023 at 09:56

3rd Times a Charm

After having little man, I did not want to give him up. Looking into those little eyes and the cuddles were my favorite. The co-sleeping at the time made it also easier to breast feed and nightly changes especially since I was doing it all by myself.

Now if I could go back, I would have not co-slept. Having a sister as a nurse has definitely changed my mind and view. With that being said let's go into my journey.

I first tried crib training around 6 months. My son and I sharing the same room made it harder and I couldn't take the cries and screaming so I gave up. I tried again at 9 months and my heart couldn't take it yet again. Most mornings now I wake up with a foot in my back or bowling ball sized head smashing down on mine to wake me. This morning the bowling ball caused a bloody lip. Now here we are with a whole huge sized toddler. I am on night 3 and I think I cracked the code. Black out blinds/curtains are a must. YouTube 10 hours of baby Shushing. Baby monitor. ABSOULETLY Do not pick that child up. Give all the kisses back rubs and the " I love You's" and "Good night baby". If you pick that child up the clock will reset. 

I'm not sure if he's just ready to be in his own space or if it's the trial and errors. First night he slept in there until 12 and woke up crying I grabbed him out for my own self reasons. The 2nd night I pulled him out at 3am when he was crying. I am at night 3 and I am sticking to it no pulling him out. He is currently taking his morning nap as I am updating this now. Wish me luck and I will be back to update. Consistency is key my Little Bees or at least that is what I have been told.


He has slept in his crib all night long! We are officially crib trained! I would say cheers, but it is currently 6:25am so coffee clink!

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